Transitional Spaces


  • Transitional Spaces is Kate Behrens’s fourth poetry collection
  • Her poetry has been described as “Never less than accomplished, never less than intriguing”
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Transitional Spaces is concerned with the subtler workings of trauma and self-repair both in ourselves and the world, and in negotiating the layering of loss, including through fantasy and dream. If the natural world is our victim here, it acts too as mirror, pointer or deep consolation.

Creativity is reflected in poems that include poets, a painter, pattern-cutter and tapestry-maker and in the coded processes of psychological survival itself. With her fourth collection, Behrens attempts a new directness in many of these poems, a directness that makes them no less suggestive.

Praise for Penumbra (2019):

‘Never less than accomplished, never less than intriguing, the poems in Penumbra exhibit the kind of empirical and aesthetic care which distinguishes the best of the contemporary poetry written in the tradition that’s taken William Carlos Williams’ infamous remark ‘no ideas but in things’ as one of its key starting points’—The High Window

‘Behrens here delivers an often shockingly good performance loaded with wild, unexpected insight and innovation in modes of thought and language (which after all are inherently enmeshed)’— Empty Mirror

Kate Behrens. Paperback, 210 x 135 mm, 96 pages, April 2022

About the author: Kate Behrens was born in 1959. Two Rivers Press published The Beholder (2012), Man with Bombe Alaska (2016) and Penumbra (2019). She lives in Oxfordshire and has one child.


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