Man with Bombe Alaska


‘A very haunting, emotionally fraught and entrancing collection’ ~ Adam Piette

ʽ… the lines move with hallucinatory clarity, the syntax is unexpected, but break by break the poem implies an ever-expanding context. This is the language of poetry: lines that might never be spoken, but which have been wrought until they are more accessible, more natural, than daily speech’ ~ Dennis Nurkse

ʽ… will reward repeated readings and resonate long after the page is turnedʼ ~ PBS Bulletin

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Loosely memoir-shaped and peopled by those close to the poet, Kate Behrens’ second collection, Man with Bombe Alaska, travels between London, Turkey, Italy, Spain and the English countryside. The poems also map paths between states of mind and place or person, not to pin down experience with conclusions but for unexpected beauties, openings. Images are laden with metaphor but stand for themselves, at times with the kinds of heightened awareness arising from sudden shock. Behrens’ language explores points of convergence where abstractions that seem to transcend the world merge with finely wrought detail in ways that release deep affect.

Kate Behrens. Paperback, 210 x 135 mm, 74 pages, September 2015.


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