The Whole Story: Painting more than just the flowers


  • A beautiful retrospective overview of the work of award-winning botanical artist Christina Hart-Davies
  • Includes examples of Christina’s illustration work as well as exhibition paintings
  • Tells the whole story – of plants and flowers, their surrounding species and habitats, their associated insects, and the plant life cycle from seedling to decay
  • Interweaves illustrations and artworks with commentary from the artist about the plants, the inspiration behind the works and the art techniques used
  • More than 100 full colour illustrations


“…scrupulously accurate, and full of really beautiful and life-like paintings by an artist widely renowned for her outstanding work in such books as ‘Collins Wild Flower Guide’.” – Clive Stace, writing in the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland journal ‘BSBI News’

“This little book spans the many-facetted life of an artist of prestigious accomplishments, of small but exquisite, accurate paintings, expositions of artistic techniques and an uncompromising composition” – Roger Reynolds, writing in Eryngium, the Journal of the Institute for Analytical Plant Illustration

“You only have to look at the front cover of Christina Hart-Davies’ new book, the cover showing a lichen, to realise it will intrigue and delight.” – Plant Life Autumn/Winter 2020

“Books from Two Rivers Press … pack a lot more punch than you would expect and this is one of the most eloquent works on botanical illustration I’ve seen.” –

“This handy-sized paperback, designed to be taken anywhere, pored over and enjoyed, tells of Christina’s journey through a lifetime of drawing, painting and teaching. Filled with exquisite illustrations, this little book will surely spur you on to achieve greater things.” – Meriel Thurstan

Discover a whole new realm of botanical painting – the natural life forms that coexist with flowering plants, revealed in exquisite detail.

Traditionally, botanical art has focused on the flowers, leaves and form of plants. They are depicted in solitary glory on a page, divorced from the life forms that live alongside them in nature. But award-winning UK botanical painter, Christina Hart-Davies, believes passionately that flowers are only part of the picture and loves to explore the different stages, related species, habitats and associated creatures that provide their setting in the wild. She looks at plants and other life forms from all angles – scientific, aesthetic and cultural – to tell The Whole Story.
Showcasing examples of her most popular works, The Whole Story draws on Christina’s long and parallel careers in both art and illustration. Take inspiration from her enthusiasm for the details and beauty of all aspects of the natural world and benefit from her experience as she shares techniques for painting moss and insects as well as advice on composition and lettering.
This book will transform your perspective and inspire you to look beyond the flowers.
Christina Hart-Davies. Paperback, 200 x 200 mm, 76 pages, More than 100 colour illustrations, September 2020.
Botanical Art Portfolios is a new series featuring distinguished botanical artists, their work and their inspiration. Intentionally both beautiful and useful, these handy-sized paperbacks are designed to be taken anywhere, referred to, collected, and gazed at. Each book brings out the personality of its individual artist, showcases their work and shares why they love what they do, explaining their choice of subjects and the distinct techniques they have developed.
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