A Wild Plant Year: The History, Folklore and Uses of Britain’s Flora


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Lavishly illustrated with Christina’s vibrant watercolours, A Wild Plant Year explores the cultural history, folklore and medicinal or household uses of many of Britain’s best-loved wild plants. It takes us through a country year waymarked by special days such as Easter, Mothering Sunday, Hallowe’en and Winter Solstice and features the native flowers and plants traditionally associated with each festival or season.

Country names, plant legends and folk medicine have long been a special interest of Christina Hart-Davies, one of the country’s best known botanical artists and illustrators. Her precisely detailed and accurate paintings perfectly complement the fascinating stories attached to our flora. Six years in the making, this is a celebration of the long heritage of our relationship with Britain’s native plants.

Christina Hart-Davies. Paperback, 200 x 200 mm, 124 pages, August 2016.


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