The Veiled Vale: Strange Tales from South Oxfordshire


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What historical tragedy could possibly make a young Wallingford girl daub a wall with her own tears? What really happened to the family who encountered a UFO in Stanford-in-the-Vale? What made a Highworth Squire’s ghost choose to be banished to a barrel of cider? And what does the Uffington White Horse get up to once every hundred years?

The Vale of the White Horse and the beautiful countryside of South Oxfordshire is a landscape steeped in thousands of years of legends, history and mystery. Here are witches, monsters and ghosts; old legends and modern-day tales of strange encounters with the unknown. From the mildly curious to the frighteningly inexplicable, The Veiled Vale is a treasure trove of fabulous folklore and modern mysteries. Illustrations by Peter Hay.

Mike White. Paperback, 210 x 135 mm, 280 pages, May 2016.


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