Reading: The Place of the People of the Red One


The mission of this little book is to explore the many historic landscapes of Reading to uncover fragments of the reasons for it being here, its variety of configurations through time, some snippets from the life of its inhabitants and to speculate on its genius loci.

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Starting 145 million years ago, the geology of the natural landscape provides the context for Reading’s historical development. This book tells the town’s story in terms of its location at the junction of the rivers Thames and Kennet, its landform and the living requirements of its prehistoric inhabitants, medieval communities and industrial forebears. Did you know that Reading’s name is probably derived from ‘the place of the people of the red one’, an Anglo-Saxon settlement for which no physical trace remains?

Reading is a special place where multiple migrations, invasions, battles, plagues, wars, tragedies, songs, writings, artistic works, dogmas, festivities, industries, technologies and ideas have shaped both its people and the fabric of the town. Be a part of writing its next chapter by understanding its past.

Duncan Mackay. Paperback, 170 x 125 mm, 80 pages, December 2016.


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