Bricks and Brickwork in Reading: Patterns and Polychromy


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The geology of the Thames Valley provides little good building stone, so
the towns are made very largely of local brick. Reading is particularly
rewarding for the brick-fancier, thanks to the variety of colours
available and the inventive patterns that Victorian bricklayers loved to
make. Illustrated throughout with photographs of surviving examples, Reading Bricks and Brickwork describes techniques such as rat-trap bond and tuck pointing, demonstrates the economies of back-to-back houses, and revels in the delights of crinkle-crankle walls and terracotta dragons. Four walking tours give the reader the opportunity to see the more notable examples of Reading’s brickwork for themselves.

Adam Sowan. Paperback, 200 x 200 mm, 64 pages, August 2019.


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