A Reading Scrapbook: A history of the town through printed ephemera – Publishing in February 2024 – pre order your copy now


  • An absorbing look at the history of Reading through 150 pieces of printed ephemera
  • Includes 150 colour illustrations

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David Cliffe has unearthed a fascinating and varied selection of printed ephemera, largely from the collections of the Department of Typography at the University of Reading and the Local Studies section at Reading Central Library.

Going back over the last 300 years and more, these scraps of paper show how the people of Reading lived, how they made a earned their money, what they did for entertainment, and much more.

The author’s commentary puts each piece into the context of their time and brings to life the story of the town. This is an intriguing and absorbing dive into local history.

David Cliffe.  Paperback, 200 x 200 mm, 224 pages, December 2023. With 150 colour illustrations.

About the author: David Cliffe came to Reading in 1969 as a newly qualified librarian to work in public libraries. He worked for both Reading and Berkshire, and at the end of his career was able to spend time on the extensive local studies collection in Reading Central Library. This was the ideal job for someone who has been keen on local history for as long as he can remember! He is currently Chairman of The History of Reading Society and Berkshire Local History Association. His other books about Reading have looked at churches, public libraries, cinemas, and pubs and breweries.

Contents: Foreword and Acknowledgements; Chapter 1.  Markets and Auctions; Chapter 2.  Shopping; Chapter 3.  Department Stores; Chapter 4.  Trades and Services; Chapter 5.  Manufacturing; Chapter 6.  Transport; Chapter 7.  Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs and Breweries; Chapter 8.  Churches and Religion; Chapter 9.  Clubs and Societies; Chapter 10.  People; Chapter 11.  Stage, Screen and Radio; Chapter 12.  Music and Dance; Chapter 13.  Sport; Chapter 14.  Royalty, Festivals and Processions; Chapter 15.  Crime and Punishment; Chapter 16.  Local Government; Chapter 17.  War and Peace; Chapter 18.  Reading Printers; Bibliography; Index.


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