English Nettles


  • An evocative collaboration between poet Peter Robinson and artist Sally Castle, celebrating fleeting English landscapes and moments
  • Brings together poems Peter Robinson began writing after settling in Reading on his return to England after many years living in Japan
  • The poems are obliquely finessed observations on the meanings of home, the nature of money, work, love, death and parenthood.
  • Redesigned and reissued after many years out of print
  • Includes an additional poem and illustration


The first edition of English Nettles brought together poems Peter Robinson began writing on his return to England after many years living in Japan. The twenty-three works, evocatively illustrated by Sally Castle, show the poet’s ability to catch at fleeting landscapes and moments as, discovering Reading, he reacquainted himself with his native land. The poems celebrate his collaboration with the artist in their tribute to the place in which he came to settle. This beautifully redesigned new edition brings the book back into print, and includes an additional poem and illustration.

Running through their lines like the town’s two arteries are oblique reflections on the meaning of home, the nature of money, work, love, death, and parenthood. Approachable yet inexhaustible, Peter Robinson’s poetry welcomes readers and promises rewards that can be kept.

A Two Rivers Press illustrated classic.

‘… the finest poet of his generation’ – PN Review

‘Robinson is at his best when describing the strangeness of marginalia such as … “a creosoted shed / with ivy bursting through its boards” … where time is distorted and realigned like perspectives in a mirror so that a return “home” feels as strange as being in a foreign country’ – Poetry London

‘… a major English poet’ – Poetry Review

Peter Robinson. Illustrated by Sally Castle. Paperback, 210 x 135 mm, 56 pages, June 2022.

About the illustrator: Sally Castle was born in Reading. She studied graphic design at Maidstone College of Art and gained a Masters in Type Design from the University of Reading. She has designed covers and illustrated many books for Two Rivers Press. Sally has a reputation for original hand lettering and a particular interest in linocut printmaking, environmental lettering and mixed media artwork. Most recently she has lettered and illustrated Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince. Notable public work includes the Walking Words panels at Chatham Place and the Forbury Square Stone. Reading Museum carries her artwork on merchandise including tea towels, mugs and packaging.


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