‘This is a poetry which comes to terms with a shared reality that we have come to recognise over the past four years. It is a poetry which offers a tone of care and compassion that moves into a space beyond simply the recognition of the strangeness of our times’ – IAN BRINTON Litter Magazine

‘True to the promise of its title, Discoveries is indeed a book of discoveries …’
‘What characterises much of the work collected here … is a pared-down, tightly written poetry that simultaneously gives us objects in, situations from and perceptions of the actually existing world and allows us the space to consider and reconsider them.’
– TOM PHILLIPS in The High Window

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The poems in Discoveries, written over the last four years, respond to the uncertainties of our time with an unpredictability of their own. Tim Dooley makes use of varied, sometimes arbitrary, structures to explore possibilities of expression. Some poems extemporise along lines of linguistic fantasy or celebrate innovators of modernism, while others observe contemporary experience with acuity. A sobering central section, structured in 100-word prose paragraphs, revisits a source of shame at the heart of our history.

Dooley deals with whatever comes – news, memories, encounters, dreams: nothing is out of bounds. — PHILIP GROSS Poetry Review

Among the handful of writers today trying to work towards a serious, intelligent poetry of the people —PETER SANSOM Orbis

Dooley shows how, in a quiet, contained register it’s possible to be trenchantly political.  — KATY EVANS BUSH Baroque in Hackney

A unifying factor is Dooley’s consistently humane vision and concern for the disaffected and inarticulate. —DAVID WHEATLEY TLS

A poetry of thoughtful, unshowy resonance, that can also be very funny. — ALAN JENKINS and EVA SALZMAN PBS Bulletin

Tim Dooley is a rare example of a poet who has improved with age. – RORY WATERMAN TLS

Tim Dooley. Paperback, 64 pages, 210 x 135 mm, April 2022.

About the author: Tim Dooley is a tutor for The Poetry School and a mentor for the prison charity, Koestler Arts. He was reviews and features editor of Poetry London between 2008 and 2018, a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster from 2016 to 2021 and a judge for the John Pollard International Poetry Competition at Trinity College Dublin in 2019 and 2020. He was previously a schoolteacher for many years. His poetry collections include the Poetry Book Society Recommendations: Tenderness (Smith Doorstop, 2003), Keeping Time (Salt, 2008), and Weemoed (Eyewear, 2017).


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