‘In Change, Learner keeps testing and discovering new ways in which to understand what it is to live, in language, in images and perhaps most of all, through music. It’s a gently exhilerating exploration.’ — ALEX JOSEPHY, in The High Window

‘Gill Learner’s third collection, Change, is a joyful and indomitable work from a poet who only started to write after her retirement in 1999. The poems are assured, full of energy, well-crafted and unfussy. They grip the reader immediately. They repay re-reading and reflection for their depth and subtlety.’ — BILL JENKINSON, in London Grip

‘These are generous, wide-ranging poems which carry you with them’ — CHRISSIE WILLIAMS, in SOUTH poetry magazine

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The Change in Gill Learner’s third collection refers to both personal experience and what’s been happening in our third-millennium world. At its core are poems reflecting on the sudden death in July 2018 of her husband. With recognisable images and emotional resonances, she guides us through both internal and external landscapes.

Empathy with the threatened and dispossessed is powerfully expressed, but there is plenty to celebrate in her passion for the arts, particularly music. Here we travel from prehistoric southern England to twentieth-century Leningrad via the Spanish Steps and the Vienna of two hundred years ago. Alongside these journeys there are lyrical and sometimes light-hearted evocations expressing love and concern for the natural world.

From reviews of Chill Factor (2016):

‘a poet … who loves words not only for the ways they shape a poem but for the sheer sound and texture’—South

‘With these wide-ranging, intelligent poems we’re as far as possible from vague rhapsodising. There is room for humour and ruefulness’—ARTEMISpoetry

‘not stunted lines of broken prose, but a lyricism of rhythm delicately and deliberately pointed by assonance and rhyme’—The Interpreter’s House

Gill Learner. Paperback, 84 pages, 210 x 135 mm, October 2021.

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