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Night Driving – a poem by Kim Whysall-Hammond

Night Driving

Night, made yellow by
sodium lights arrayed at road edge
car headlights picking out trees
hedges, pedestrians
all the houses spread on Reading’s skirts.
Sitting at the back, seatbeltless
I would stare into windows as we passed
peer at other lives being lived
as if through a series
of sequential flash-dramas
enacted in deep silence.
Wonder at their variety
ache to be part of them.

Kim Whysall-Hammond


Kim Whysall-Hammond has worked in Climate Research and then in Telecommunications. Her poetry has been published by Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Alchemy Spoon, Total Eclipse, London Grip, Crannóg and others. She is currently working on that difficult first chapbook – when she isn’t dancing to Billy Nomates.

4 thoughts on “Night Driving – a poem by Kim Whysall-Hammond

  1. Ahh .. the mysteries night life under the soft glow of yellow night lights

  2. Nice work, Kim. Reminded me. Thanks

  3. Atmospheric and poignant. I like your poem very much, Kim! <3 As I read, i remembered my early life moving frequently from one small town to another. I envied the kids who had roots and wanted very much to fit in.

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