Sponsor a book!

Help us to weather the COVID crisis by sponsoring a book

We are very proud to be “Reading’s own publisher”, and we know that many of you love our books, and their contribution both to the national independent poetry and art scene and to local arts and culture in Reading.

Like for so many other creative organisations, 2020 has been difficult for Two Rivers Press, with bookshops closed and events cancelled. We have really missed not being able to invite you to poetry readings or seeing you at the Whiteknights Studio Trail, and our book sales have suffered too. But we have been cheered by increased numbers of book orders through our website, and if you have recently ordered a book this way, many thanks! We really do appreciate it.

The way our business works is that the money we make on books published in one year pays for the books we publish the next. We are forecasting a drop in our income of around 35% over 2020 due to the lockdown which means that without additional support we may have to delay some of our planned 2021 and 2022 titles.

We know that not everyone has spare cash, and that times are hard for many. But if you are in a position to and would like to help support small independent publishing through this difficult period, we would love it if you would sponsor a book! Whether it’s £100 or £1000, a contribution from you would help us enormously and would enable us to produce our full list of planned titles for 2021 and 2022. We’ll be delighted to name sponsors in the front pages of each printed copy and on our website to acknowledge the support of our community.

If you would like to sponsor a book, please email anne@tworiverspress.com.

Our forthcoming books

Here is a taster of the books we have scheduled for publication over the next few months. There are some goodies! All are available to pre-order.