Zeus Amoeba

David Greenslade has been described as a ‘genuinely original voice’, a ‘radical nonconformist’, ‘avante garde’ and ‘relentlessly modern’.

In this collection, he praises the astonishing variety and sheer wonder of animals. He lets the presence of fish, insects, reptiles, mammals, sponges, mythic creatures and untamed others speak as “beings whose facts become their beauty”.

Eminent zoologists have praised his accuracy and his poetic invention. Zeus Amoeba lyrically displays the regal glory, generous splendour and miraculous fragility of the animal kingdom.

“Fantastic Stuff. I highly recommend it” ~ David Bellamy

“I like these animal poems. They are fresh and entertaining, with a curious mixture of factual observation and wild invention.”               ~ Desmond Morris

Zeus Amoeba
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