Thursday, 28 February, 2013: Poet Claire Dyer on Radio Berkshire at 2pm

Tune in to Mike Read’s Talking Entertainment show on BBC Radio Berkshire to hear Two Rivers Press poet, Claire Dyer. She is likely to mention, and perhaps read from, her much anticipated first collection, Eleven Rooms.

Eleven Rooms, explores contradictions inherent in ideas of the permanent. The poems hold on to what’s transient: the moment of a girl on the back of a boy’s motorbike – a moment with no start and no end, the exquisite pain of watching children grow up and away, the flex and flux of relationships, and what death takes from us. In these poems, houses and rooms embody this paradox: they are stripped of furniture, demolished and replaced. Yet the idea of the house lives on, while what happened within its walls remains unalterable fact.

2pm on Thursday, 28 February, 2013 on BBC Radio Berkshire!