The Wall-Menders

Without polemic or rant, Kate Noakes explores the themes of environmental damage and renewal.  She uses imagined narratives to suggest our options to repair the planet and relearn how to live in harmony with it.  This is poetry of subtlety, rich in its song and imagery. Central to the book is a sequence retelling one of the stories from Ovid’s Metamorphoses from a woman’s point of view.

“Kate Noakes takes seriously the potential for poetry to change the world.   These are observant and imaginative poems, alert to the issues of the moment; they love the world, simple moments of weather,  family life, work, landscape, the growing, preparing and relishing of food.   Among the verbal jewels we are offered are lunkies, smoots, wieherts and dabbins.” ~ Gillian Clarke

“Kate Noakes’s attention to detail in ‘The Wall Menders’ (whether through memory, observation, allegory, cadence, or the timing of a phrase) is a metaphor for her theme of environmental repair. Reading her poems with the care they deserve gives an intimation of what it might feel were the world in safe hands.” ~ Peter Robinson

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The Wall Menders
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