The Stanley Spencer Poetry Competition 2017: final shortlist

2017 Cookham Festival logoThe following poems have been chosen by the judges to form the final shortlist from which the three prize winning poems will be selected.


Poem:                                                                            Poet:

Zacharias and Elizabeth                                             Ross Cogan

Strawberry Moon                                                        Brian Docherty

The Heaven That Runs Through Everything            Rosie Jackson

Bedridden                                                                     Paul Jeffcutt

The Resurrection, Cookham                                     Tony Lucas

The Swans Speak to Stanley Spencer                     Dorothy McCarthy

Christ Carrying the Cross                                          Richard Robbins

Capture/Captured                                                      Pnina Shinebourne

First                                                                               Pnina Shinebourne

Disciples                                                                       Jean Watkins

Hilda, Unity and Dolls                                             Jean Watkins

The poems are listed in the alphabetical order of the poets and not in any ranking order.

The winners of the three prizes will be announced at a special Awards Ceremony at the Stanley Spencer Gallery, Cookham, on Friday 19 May.