The Sound Ladder

A collection of poems by David Attwooll

with illustrations from Andrew Walton

 ‘The excitement of reading David Attwooll’s poems lies in the poet’s intense relationship to language and the verbal and textual musicianship with which he treats his subject matter. From the Goths, Transylvanians and teenage samurai, escaped from the pages of books, to email spam or jazz, to memories about childhood and place, these poems capture Attwooll’s delight in the world around him.’  Jenny Lewis



Other works by David Attwooll (all now contained within The Sound Ladder

Surfacing was a winner of the 2013 Poetry Business Competition, chosen by Simon Armitage.

‘The supercharged, over-communicative modern world in the form of spam and YouTube crackles and buzzes in several of these poems – but as knowing, playful and occasionally experimental as they are they still have their lyric moments…I especially like those passages where the sardonic and the poignant are almost impossible to separate or tell apart…Geographically, linguistically, thematically and stylistically this is a varied and rich collection of poems.’  Simon Armitage


‘I like David Attwooll’s lack of pretension and preciousness. He is playful and experimental…’ Hilary Menos, Sphinx Review


On Ground Work:

‘…an excellent chapbook of lovingly crafted, precisely executed poetry that’s not afraid of a bit of structural experimentation combined with rich visual artwork that work in relation to the poems but also stand proud by themselves. I come back to it daily (‘Shift Key’ is just such a beautiful poem, I can’t get enough of it)… What more could you want from a collection? Fantastic.’  Sabotage Reviews

On ‘Mongrel Music’ in Magma:

‘…balance(s) seriousness and humour within originality of form in ways that are wholly new and are, I think, with other poems in this issue, permanent additions to the repertoire of English poetry.’   Laurie Smith, Magma

The Sound Ladder
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