“The Art School Dance” front and center at Waterstones

If you happen to be in Waterstones in Reading,  take a look at their table top display.  There,  front and center,  is John Froy’s book “The Art School Dance“, a memoir of, as the sign on the display says, a different life.   Buy your copy and follow the young man in the mustard jumper from Italy to Art School in the 70s, with many twists and turns in between.

“The Art School Dance”  is both a personal memoir, as the author battles with the confusions of those painful years between 18 and 22, and a chronicle of the times.  The 70s heralded new freedoms – to hitch-hike round Europe, to throw oneself into sexual relationships, to sample drugs. In the arts, too, change and experiment are everywhere: the figurative / abstract divide in painting and sculpture, the new photography, film and Happenings. In the midst of this turmoil the author struggles to find himself through his art, seeking consolation in his deep love of nature and landscape.

Read about a different life now.