The Art School Dance A Memoir

Things may come and things may go, but the art school dance goes on for ever.

~Pete Brown, 1970

This second volume of John Froy’s memoir* takes us from Italy to Art School in the 70s, with many twists and turns in between. It is both a personal memoir, as the author battles with the confusions of those painful years between 18 and 22, and a chronicle of the times, with their new freedom to hitch-hike round Europe, throw oneself into sexual relationships and sample drugs. In the arts, too, change and experiment are everywhere: the figurative / abstract divide in painting and sculpture, the new photography, film and Happenings. In the midst of this turmoil the author struggles to find himself through his art, seeking consolation in his deep love of nature and landscape.

* The first volume 70 WATERLOO ROAD: A CHILDHOOD MEMOIR 1953-1970 is available from the author. Enquiries to

About the author:   John Froy was born in Leeds in 1953 and grew up in south-west England. After taking a degree in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art he taught English as a Foreign Language in London and Costa Rica for several years. Five months on an uninhabited island resulted in On Cocos Island and the start of his writing career, which fuelled further travels in Latin America. He settled in Reading in 1986 and set up a decorating business. Since then he has juggled decorating with writing: several unpublished novels, an account of his mother’s death (Mum, So Far) and a volume of poetry Eggshell: A Decorator’s Notes. In 2003 he took over Two Rivers Press which he co-ran for six years. He lives in Reading with his wife and daughter.

Jane Seraillier’s review of The Art School Dance – A Memoir.

The Art School Dance
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