Saturday, 21 May 2016: Join one of our walking tours of Reading: Reading Revealed on Foot

Here’s a question….why have experts and not use them eh?

Reading Revealed on Foot: Saturday May 21st. Explore Reading’s rich history and heritage by eschewing the car and internet. Instead, take to your feet and be guided on a walking tour by four of Two Rivers Press’s resident experts who will shed new light on the town you thought you knew.

Tours are FREE but MUST be booked in advance. Please email to book your place, or phone 07834 827611 and leave a message.


The Reading Detectives tour is the one most suitable for children, although they are welcome on all the tours. They must however be accompanied by an adult.

Tours 1 & 4 Kerry Renshaw and Electra Colios invite readers of all ages to become ‘Reading Detectives’ and uncover the clues about the town’s past that are all around us on buildings, plaques, statues and street signs.

Both tours are 1 hour duration. Meet at the statue of Queen Victoria outside Marks & Spencer’s in the Town Hall Square at 11am (tour 1) or 2pm (tour 4). Finish at the Oxfam bookshop for an opportunity to buy Kerry & Electra’s book there.



Tour 2 Peter Kruschwitz opens a previously hidden window on Reading by interpreting the numerous Latin inscriptions that grace our monuments and tombstones, explaining who wrote them and what their motives might have been.

Tour 2 is 1 hour duration. Meet at St Laurence’s Church next to the Town Hall at 12pm. 10 people max. Finish outside Waterstones, Broad Street for an opportunity to buy Peter’s book there.


Tour 3 The urban landscape of Reading consists of more than just man-made features and Geoff Sawers draws our attention to the majestic trees that grace our town centre, many of which have been here longer than some of the buildings. What events have they witnessed and how might we unlock their secrets?

Tour 3 is 1 hour duration. Meet at the main door of St Mary’s Church on St Mary’s Butts at 1pm. Finish at Reading Museum. Book not available yet (it is due to publish this time next year) but we will have details to hand out.


BID logoFunded by the Reading BID as part of their ARENA arts and culture programme  for the town centre.  With this contribution to the Reading Year of Culture 2016, we have been able to put on a series of 4 walking tours in the town centre, based around our books (some published, some yet to be published). This is a chance to hear the stories direct from the authors’ mouths and, of course, to buy the books so you can explore further in your own time.image002