Review: Susan Utting’s “Half the Human Race” “There is so much here to enjoy.”

How does poet Susan Utting feel about the most recent review of her collection, Half the Human Race? “Thrilled,” says Susan.  Ruth Sharman’s marvellous and comprehensive review for The High Window can be read at Reviews for Autumn 2017.

half-the-human-race-front-cover“There is a quiet feminism at work here, celebrating that female characteristic of ‘managing small things’, the ability to make do, to ‘thrive on other people’s leftovers’, to be so much more than the product of men’s imaginings, ‘sweethearts, dolls… posable, blow-up generous… nice arse, a lovely pair’, as ‘Half the Human Race’ concludes, with an abruptness that emphasises how much more there is to be said: ‘…Say we’re all / of this and none of it and more, and this / is nothing like the end of it. Say’”

“Susan Utting’s new collection includes some forty new poems plus a selection from her three earlier books. There is so much here to enjoy…a collection whose generosity – eighty poems in total – is matched by the breadth and richness of the poet’s vision and by the sheer exuberance of her language.”