Review: Mike Bartholemew-Biggs of Lond Grip reviews Utting’s Fair’s Fair

Mike Bartholemew-Biggs of Lond Grip has reviewed Susan Utting’s collection, Fair’s Fair.

His concludes his review with this summary…

I’d like to close by revisiting Utting’s dexterity with language. Besides her freely-scattered and lively compound adjectives, there are many other verbal felicities to be found throughout the book. A frisbee is a light hearted discus; a woman talking while she smokes a cigarette experiences the thrill / of words burning, becoming caterpillars // of long ash; in a neighbourhood pub, smokers with their roll ups and full strength have kippered the walls. In the poem ‘Breathing’ – which concentrates a lifetime into four short stanzas – she tells us Age thickens us with air that’s heavy, toxic / with the teem and yowl of industry. Such quotations give a foretaste of the many pleasures and surprises that await the reader of this thoughtful and varied collection.

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