Review: Jean Watkins’ Scrimshaw

This review,  by Sue Kindon,  of Jean Watkins’ collection, “Scrimshaw” appears in The Interpreter’s House (issue 56).

But as it is hard to read here on these images, you either have to subscribe to The Interpreter’s House to read the full review, or you can read the last paragraph of the review below; Then buy a copy of this collection and see if you agree with Ms. Kindon.

“….these poems are crafted as carefully as the artifacts and heirlooms they sometimes describe, bringing with them their own scrimshaw, a dark strand scarcely seen. They well withstand the test of being read aloud.  Futhermore, Jean Watkins has not fallen into the trap of so many first collections: she has evidently not subjected her audience to every poem she has ever written.  This feels like a careful selection I am left wanting more, even when my feet are firmly back on dry land. ”

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