Review: Fox Talbot reviewed by Atherton & District Amateur Photographic Society

Fox_Talbot….tells the story of Fox Talbot’s photographic establishment. This it does in a lively but not patronising way, giving us some of the feel for the way things worked in those early days of the calotype process. I’ve always enjoyed reading contemporary books that show the minutiae of life in other times, rather than modern interpretations. Does this one evoke the right atmosphere and feeling for the subject? Yes, up to a point it does. It can’t go into the same detail as we would expect if reading the various papers of the day first hand, but this summary does tell us the essentials. It also avoids us becoming bogged down in too much detail, which not everybody wants.

This will interest photographers looking at the early history and processes, and especially those interested in the town of Reading. The photographs included are not of the highest printing quality, but adequate, and they support the text well.


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