Review: Dyer’s collection “Interference Effects”

Interference_Effects_CoverClaire Dyer’s Interference Effects is reviewed by Emma Lee for  Issue 4 Winter edition of The High Window.

The review begins thus,

The title of Claire Dyer’s new collection is taken from a description of the Morpho butterfly’s wings which have reflective layers creating interference effects. As a result, the  colour that the wings are seen as differs according to which viewing angle is used. It’s a coherent collection that aims to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary and see the familiar in a new way.

and, after looking closely at several poems in the collection, ends thus:

There lies the strength in these poems: their precise language opens and asks questions rather than providing neat, ordered conclusions. At first glance, they flutter into place like butterfly wings but it takes a second or closer reading to notice the engineering driving those wings and how the light reflects, enabling each reader to take away the patterns of light and shade that speak directly to them.

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