Review: David Cooke’s ‘A Murmuration’ reviewed in the TLS


We are delighted.  A review of  David Cooke’s poetry collection, Murmuration, appeared in the TLS (August 19-26, 2016).  Reviewer, John Greening wrote:

“There are distinct successes, such as the responses to Rodin’s “The Burghers of Calais” and Bruegel’s “Hunters in the Snow”, and translations from Mallarmé, Supervielle, Jaccottet and Rilke. The book is held together by  love of place and a sober fascination with quirkiness, a study of a koala, a portrait of a Belizean woman in a pub, the English language itself…”

“There is much precision workmanship and a welcome lack of showiness in this collection from Two Rivers Press, whose publications are increasingly impressive. ”

Get your copy of A Murmuration here.

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