Review: AF Harrold’s Point of Inconvinience reviewed in The North

This extract is from a review, by Wendy Klein, of A.F. Harrold‘s collection The Point of Inconvenience which appears in ‘The North’.

‘Poignant, honest, and reflective, A.F. Harrold’s memoriam to his mother avoids Onegin’s inherent callousness. In shudderingly accurate poetry, the poet confronts the mixture of anger, boredom and desperate sadness created by lingering death, on both his mother and himself. using all his skills, this highly versatile poet, who also writes children’s literature, plus acting as a compere and performance poet, examines every stage of an unexpectedly lengthy and painful death…..Poem by poem, he unpacks the emotional strain involved in observing the suffering of a loved individual close up….’
‘…clever, full of heart, and not a word wasted.’