Octopus Medicine

An Octopus who dreams of stars, a self-important fisherman who gets what’s coming to him, and a misunderstood monster, Octopus Medicine contains all these. It’s an invitation to adventure for misfits, outsiders, the lonely. These three verse stories call us down into an octopus world where days are dark, everything’s out to eat you, and nothing’s what it seems. Written for young and old alike, this is a collection for reading at bedtime, acting out on playgrounds, for sharing with grandparents. In its mysterious way, the octopus has much to teach us all.
‘Becci’s poetry is beautiful, heartbreaking, delicate and powerful at the same time. If I could bottle it I would. It would be the most magical potion ever’ – Laurie Bolger

‘This book’s gift is its ability to reflect us back at ourselves; in its carefully crafted poems we can see our insecurities and our beauties. Moreover, by inviting us to read it together or alone, or both, it celebrates those things that make us different and heals the divisions between us – it is a truly remarkable debut’ – Claire Dyer

‘These lyrical legends propel you into the depths of forgotten fantasies. They whirl you around your own imagination before spitting you out, soaked with stories worth sharing. With masterful poise, Becci conjures the perfect mix of spellbinding images, epic narratives and violent verse. The result is electric. This book is for the bullies and the bullied. A must read for misfits. An oceanic adventure for the poetically inclined’ – Sara Hirsch

Octopus Medicine
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