Hear poets Lesley Saunders and Philip Gross!

Two Rivers Press poet, Lesley Saunders in involved in an interesting project with Philip Gross in which they co-wrote the poems by responding to each other’s writing, a bit like a game of tennis, or badminton, or chess!

Lesley and Philip were on  BBC Radio 3’s “The Verb” on 23 February 2018.    If you missed programme,  you can be listened to via to the podcast (with extra poems!) here.   The segment with these poets starts at 31 minutes in.

Lesley Saunders and Philip Gross (photo copied from BBC The Verb site)

The poets Philip Gross and Lesley Saunders started an email exchange that eventually became the poetic dialogue ‘A Part of the Main’. They tell Ian how note-taking, particularly over email, informed the collaborative writing process and helped them to the finished product, a poem where often they aren’t sure who wrote what line. A Part Of The Main’ will be published later this year.