Lesley Saunders – 2014 Hippocrates Open Commendations

Two Rivers Press would like to congratulate Lesley Saunders.  Her poem “Fray” is one of the commended poems of this year’s 2014 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine.

On inspiration for “Fray” Lesley says:  ‘During last year’s Hippocrates symposium day at the Wellcome Collection, my attention was caught by a display cabinet containing a World War I kit for use in mustard gas attacks – eye-bath, liquid paraffin, saline solution, dusting powder, that sort of thing – which seemed so hopelessly inadequate to the scale of distress and damage suffered. At the time I was trying to find a way of expressing my feelings about the life-threatening illnesses, and equally devastating treatments, experienced by two hugely courageous friends; and the one idea began to inhabit the other… (taken from the Hippocrates Open Commendation page).

“Fray” appears in the  2014 Hippocrates Prize Anthology.

Several other poems have been chosen for the separate anthology The Poetry of Medicine (to be published later in 2014).  These poems,  ‘Organ’, ‘Germ Theory’, ‘Peccant Attoms’, ‘Lecture’, ‘The Rose’, are all from Cloud Camera (TRP 2012, of course!). 

Lesley Saunders has published five books of poetry, most recently Cloud Camera (Two Rivers Press 2012). Lesley has also held several poetry residencies, including at the Oxford Museum of the History of Science, and is involved in various collaborations with visual artists, a dancer and a composer. A new collection, The Walls Have Angels – based on a residency at Acton Court, a beautiful house near Yate built for Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn – is due out from Mulfran Press in the autumn of 2014.