Interview/Review: Claire Dyer and her debut poetry collection, Eleven Rooms

From Get Reading, 17 April 2013.

Eleven Rooms captures transient moments
Reading poet Claire Dyer launched her debut poetry collection last week.

Sophie Harrison chats to the poet about her work.

Reading poet Claire Dyer had double cause for celebration last week. Not only was the talented writer launching her debut poetry collection at a glitzy party at Waterstones on April 11, but she was also celebrating her birthday.

Claire, who has lived in Reading for more than 20 years, says it was certainly a week to remember.

“We suddenly realised, Eleven Rooms, 11th of April and with it being my birthday too…” she says, trailing off in thought. It is her appreciation of uncanny moments like this which illustrate exactly what Claire’s poetry is all about.

“I write about the transient moments in life and the illusion of permanence,” Claire tells me.

“Recently I was driving to Norfolk and a wind farm appeared on the horizon in the mist. It was like a choreographed ballet and so I wrote a poem about that moment.”

Claire says her love of writing poetry has developed over the last 10 years.

…Much of Claire’s inspiration for her work comes directly from Reading. Only Archeology, Strada Broadstreet, and The Tree Harvesters, are just a few of her poems that are inspired by the local area.

She is also a member of Reading Writers and, as chair of the group, her enthusiasm is impossible to miss.

“There is an amazing poetry scene in Reading. The group is really vibrant and covers all different genres of writing, from science fiction to erotica!”

So does Claire have any advice for aspiring poets? “Read, read, read. And go to poetry readings. There’s a difference from what is written on a page to what is read out, so go and hear poetry being read.

“The journey to being published is not easy, but it is a hugely satisfying and exciting one!”

Eleven Rooms is out now, published by Two Rivers Press. Claire’s novel The Moment is due for release in October.