Gill Learner wins first prize

We are delighted to announce that Gill Learner (The Agister’s Experiment, 2011) has won first place in open category of the 2011 Buxton Poetry Competition with her poem, Flashpoint.


Summoned by email, Facebook, text,
they push away slide-rules, teapots,
pens; log off, sign out, cover their heads
and flock to the square. Coughing through
smoke from smouldering cars, they stumble
on shattered paving slabs, line up behind
the barricades to face the guns. Flags
paint the rackety air with stripes,
a poster photo scorches, curls. Above
the bass and tenor shouts, a clear voice
calls a line of verse: a dozen, twenty,
chant it back. Through gaps in niqabs
passions blaze, under the chadors
hope ignites. And history is made.

The Buxton Poetry Competition 2011’s winning entries (for all categories) can be read a href=””>here.