Friday, February 12, 2016: a light-hearted romp through Reading’s grimy years (Walking Words)

Our very own Sally Castle has designed a series of 9 bronze panels that tell the story of Reading’s past (text and research by Adam Sowan) in words and pictures. They were commissioned by Muse Development as part of the redevelopment of Chatham Place and will be installed in the garden there on the 18th February.

walking-words-wide-v2-600x400They are absolutely beautiful and Sally has also designed a gorgeous map so that we can bring the artwork into our homes. On it she explains the inspiration behind the images and letterforms on the panels.

The map will be available at each of the 9 Walking Words events that jelly have organized to celebrate the commission as part of Reading’s Year of Culture. The events – involving local artists, arts organisations and art practices – are themed around the stories told on the panels.

walking words

One of them, A Much-maligned Town, is a light-hearted romp through Reading’s grimy years with Ashley Harrold, Gill Learner and Adam and Barbara. Held at Haslams, Friar Street on Friday 12th February at 7pm, the event will include extracts from newspaper reports about the crime-ridden back-to-backs at Somerset Place, quotes from Reading’s unimpressed visitors over the years and the performance of a song about the notorious Reading baby murderer, Amelia Dyer.


Although they are all free, you will need to book for many of the Walking Words events.