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Foreigners, Drunks and Babies: Eleven Stories

The stories brought together in Foreigners,  Drunks and Babies cast the slanting light of a poet’s sensibility on the Imperial Academy of an ancient Eastern empire; detail the musical education of a northern realist parish priest and his sons; travel through the West of Ireland with a couple facing various extinctions; spy on the shadowy private life of a Cold War warrior; engage in hand-to-hand fighting with a classroom full of Soviet teachers; follow the adventures of an Italian girl visiting her sick boyfriend in hospital; discover how hard it can be to get a passport for your first-born; find out why everyone pretends you’re not there; investigate a seemingly victimless crime; reveal reasons for a Japanese girl’s committing suicide; and realize that there’s no need to be forgiven for things you didn’t know you hadn’t done.

In this first collection of his imaginative fiction, Peter Robinson, winner of the Cheltenham Prize, the John Florio Prize, and two Poetry Book Society Recommendations for his poems and translations, brings a characteristic perceptiveness, rhythmical accuracy, and vividness of evocation to these eleven examples of what he’s been doing in the gaps between his other writings. His new and returning readers may be both surprised and entertained.



Foreigners, Drunks and Babies: Nine Stories
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