Eat Wild

In Eat Wild, Duncan Mackay offers imaginative ways to cook wild food outdoors: whether over a fire, on a BBQ or even, as a last resort, in a kitchen.

A book for first-time wild food foragers and outdoor cooks, this hands-on guide is proud to be described as ‘rough cooking’ – the antidote to ‘fine dining’. It offers experiences that are hard for your taste-buds to imagine; the sort that you simply can’t buy in a shop and only rarely savour in some of the world’s most expensive restaurants. It’s a month-by-month look at what’s out there in the wild, what’s easiest and safest to identify and tastiest to eat. Wild eating is fun, free and fabulously fruitful.

Features illustrations by Sally Castle.

“What a lovely piece of writing! I am enchanted by it all. The style alone will lift your spirits. The contents will save you money, lighten the burden of daily life and prod you into new ways of looking at the world beyond the car window.” ~ Alastair Sawday

“Duncan’s book – as sharp as crab-apple jelly – has place and occasion and inventive fun in abundance.” ~ Richard Mabey

“a charming, rousing and practical guide to eating better… I wanted to go straight outdoors and start foraging.”  ~ Carl Honoré

“a powerful reminder for modern society to reconnect to the ecological sources of our wellbeing.”
Prof. Ian Christie

Interview with Duncan in the Sunday Sun.

Eat Wild
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