Congratulations to Susan Utting

Susan (r) with competition judge and fellow prize winner

Susan (r) with competition judge and fellow prize winner

We’d like to say, “Well done!” to our poet, Susan Utting.  She has won third prize in the  Kent & Sussex Poetry Society Competition.  Not bad considering there were over 1700 entries!  Winners were announced Tuesday, 19 April, 2016.

Of Susan’s poem  Room One, judge Anne-Marie Fyfe says:

Room One: this is a classic poem of isolation, the condition of someone ending up in rooms that aren’t their own: Room One certainly suggests a small hotel or b&b. There’s a certain courage needed to ignore things that might otherwise cause anxiety.  But the positives that the poem offers, the poppies on the mugs and the crimson walls, still feel dated. And you mustn’t dwell on the poppies’ black hearts, a hint of Baudelairean fleurs du mal. Worse, it’s an attic room, so you can’t even see that there’s a world out there. A real evocation of a lonely, transitory moment, or just a lonely life.

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