Congratulations, John Froy!

Two Rivers Press would like to congratulate John Froy:  He won 3rd prize for his poem ‘Home’ in the 2016 Havant Poetry Competition. Awards were presented during the South Downs Poetry Festival 16-24 July.


She’s flown south to Chile and I keep the image
of her heavy pack, light step on the concourse
looking left and right, but never back.
I drive home, freed too, in a way.

I set off walking, am swamped by kids
pouring from school into the winter afternoon,
and looking up see the moon she sees
rising over rooftops in a scintillating sky.

At Sunday lunch I’m suddenly queasy,
carried away to Rothera on the Peninsula
to help the loading of the James Clark Ross.
She said it would be a bit military.

The moon’s now full and she’s been sailing
five days through the Roaring Forties
to reach the home of the great wanderer.
I’ll have The Ancient Mariner to hand

while she studies senescence in albatrosses,
a season on South Georgia among biting fur seals
weighing, tagging, naming the birds,
climbing daily to the nests in the tussocks.

There’s no email and don’t expect one, remember
when you were hitching rides on the back of trucks
through the Atacama, with never a message home.

She’s on an icebreaker in the southern ocean,
but don’t think that tree can’t fall on you
the next time you open your front door.

Like an Arctic tern, lover of eternal daylight,
she’s flying north tomorrow, and the day after,
last leg of the loop, Antarctica and back,
landing at Brize where I’ll be with our old car.

John is both poet and autobiographer: