Claire Dyer’s novel, The Moment, to be published September 12, 2013

Our very own poet, Claire Dyer, will see her novel, The Moment, published September 12, 2013.   It is all very exciting, indeed!

The book, in paperback and electronic formats, is available directly from the publisher, Quercus.

From the back cover:

Paddington station, eight am, rush hour. As the crowds ebb and flow, time suddenly stands still for two people: Fern and Elliott, ex-lovers who parted twenty-five years before and never expected to see each other again.

But here they are, face to face, and the connection is as powerful as it was the day they first met at university. But their lives have moved on – to marriage, children, divorce, regret and unanswered questions about the night that drove them apart.

Both will be travelling back through the station in exactly twelve hours that same day. They swap numbers and agree to meet. As the day progresses, both wrestle with their shared past and their separate present. And as the Paddington clock chimes eight that evening, their future will be decided.

“Beautifully, vividly, emotionally written, with perfect form and pace.” Hilary Boyd, author of Thursdays in the Park