Chill Factor

Chill Factor, Gill Learner’s second collection, resonates with her concerns for the state of the world, its political and environmental predicaments and problems. Yet interwoven with those sustained themes are poems further responding to her interest in crafts and skills, as well as her love of music. Family and friends, both dead and alive, mingle with people from the world of literature and history to form uniquely peopled landscapes evoked in the vividly colloquial language we have come to expect from this poet.

From reviews of Gill Learner’s first collection, The Agister’s Experiment:

 ‘This first collection displays a confidence usually seen in a much more experienced poet. The poems here fizz and crackle while exploring the vast range of humanity – they are by turns funny, chilling and angry, but are all diverse in form and content’   ~Poetry Book Society Bulletin  

‘There is history and power between the pages of The Agister’s Experiment, but it is never weighty or laboured. Learner has a genuine enjoyment of storytelling, patterns and language … I turn the pages wanting more’ ~Anna Kirk, Eyewear 

‘It is rarely that a first collection hits the nail on the head as accurately’   ~Dilys Wood, ARTEMISpoetry

Chill Factor
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