Caught on Camera: Reading in the 70s

This collection of unique black and white photographs shows us a Reading we had all but forgotten.

Forty years ago the town was changing fast and many of the buildings recorded here have since been demolished, redeveloped or changed beyond recognition. However, the canal and the churches provide reference points from which we may take our bearings, and some unlikely buildings have survived. Others, perhaps, should have been consigned to history but remain!

This intimate portrait which shows a variety of scenes and locations, some well-known others tucked away, is brought to life by the people who inhabit the photographs and demonstrate the vitality and diversity of the town – aspects that live on despite changes in fashion and car design!

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Newtown Just CoverAlso by Terry Allsop:  Newtown: A photographic journey in Reading, 1974

About the author:  Terry Allsop was born in London in 1940 but moved to Grimsby in 1944 because of bomb damage to the family home. Moving back to the Thames Valley in the 1960s, Terry worked for several architectural practices and it was whilst he was employed at the Reading office of Broadway & Malyan that he took the photographs in this book.

Caught on Camera
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