Mike White (author)

Thursday, 2 June 2016: Launch of The Veiled Vale by Mike White

You are invited  to attend the launch of  The Veiled Vale at The Bear Hotel in Wantage from 7.30. The Vale of the White Horse and the beautiful countryside of South Oxfordshire is a landscape steeped in thousands of years … Continue reading

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The Veiled Vale by Mike White (author)

Mike White spent over three decades actively investigating the paranormal, both with Cotswold Paranormal Investigations in the south of England and the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena nationwide, before opting for a life that doesn’t involve spending nights in draughty cellars and windswept hilltops. These days he favours chasing ghost stories rather than ghosts and much prefers chatting to folk about folklore than trying to identify Unidentified Flying Objects. He has been writing about the strange and mysterious ever since his days as a columnist for the Ley Hunter magazine but The Veiled Vale is his first book. He lives in the heart of South Oxfordshire and is married with two adult children. Many years ago he had ambitions to be a classical musician but settled for a career in IT when he realised that his Bach was worse than his byte.