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Review: The Shady Side of Town gets glorious review

What a pleasure to read Matthew Farrell’s rather glorious review of The Shady Side of the Town.     He writes: The Shady Side of Town: Reading’s Trees by Adrian Lawson and Geoff Sawers is a quirky and inclusive guide to some … Continue reading

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TRP Boundary Map – the perfect present from Reading

The Mayor of Reading, Cllr Sarah Hacker, took a trip to Düsseldorf, Germany before Christmas.  Reading is twinned with this German city.   And what did she bring the mayor of Düsseldorf as a present to mark the beginning of … Continue reading

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May 24, 2014: Join us to “Beat the Bounds” – a historic walk in Reading!

Join us May 24th for the Beating the Bounds!   Beating the bounds is an ancient custom still observed in some English and Welsh parishes. Under the name of the Gangdays the custom of going a-ganging was kept before the … Continue reading

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April 26, 2014, 9:30am: 6 mile walk along the Holy Brook: Come on a historic walk of Reading!

Join us on April 26, 2014 for a guided walk with Geoff Sawers explaining the history and origins of the full 6 mile length of the Holy Brook – the unique and secretive waterway that has been hurrying through and … Continue reading

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Boundary Map – Beating the Bounds by Adam Stout (author) Geoff Sawers (artist)

Reading_QuizThe Reading Quiz Book by Adam Sowan (author) Geoff Sawers (artist)

island anarchyThe Island of Anarchy by Elizabeth Waterhouse (author) Geoff Sawers (artist)

Geoff Sawers scuppered a promising sporting career when he left the crease at Welayarapatta Cricket ground in pursuit of a rare butterfly. He never
found it. Today he lives in west Reading with his wife Dani Hall, their three children and a growing collection of moths.

Geoff has been involved with Two Rivers Press since 1995, writing, lettering and illustrating books on subjects ranging from the natural history of the area to Broad Street Chapel, the Monmouth Rebellion, and Oscar Wilde.