Friends of Caversham Court Gardens (author)

Caversham Court Gardens: A Heritage Guide by Friends of Caversham Court Gardens (author)

Friends of Caversham Court Gardens is a group of volunteers who work to encouraging public interest and involvement in Caversham Court Gardens. a Reading Borough Council public park, open to all.

Caversham Court Gardens is situated on the banks of the River Thames near Caversham Bridge, Caversham, Berkshire, UK.

Friends of Caversham Court Gardens also work to ensure that the peaceful character of Caversham Court is preserved, to protect its fabric, its plants and its wildlife for all to enjoy, to raise awareness of the history and importance of Caversham Court, to foster the educational focus of Caversham Court and the Thames and to ensure that use of Caversham Court is in keeping with its character as a historic garden, and that the needs of all sections of the community are taken into account.

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