English Martyrs by Conor Carville (poet)

Reaction Time of Glass by James Peake (author)

Point of Honour: Selected Poems of Maria Teresa Horta by Lesley Saunders (poet) Maria Teresa Horta (poet)

Penumbra by Kate Behrens (poet)

Precarious Lives by Jean Watkins (poet)

Pennies on My Eyes Poems by Wilfred Owen by Wilfred Owen (poet)

Handling by Jack Thacker (poet)

Sandpaper & Seahorses by John Froy (poet)

Chosen Hill by Sue Leigh (poet)

Nominy-Dominy by Lesley Saunders (poet)

On Magnetism by Steven Matthews (poet)

Octopus Medicine by Becci Louise (poet/artist)

Storms Under the Skin: Selected Poems, 1927-1954 by Henri Michaux (poet) Jane Draycott (translator)

Stanley Spencer Poems An Anthology by Carolyn Leder (editor) Jane Draycott (editor) Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

Half the Human Race: New & Selected Poems by Susan Utting (poet)

Reading Gaol

Thanks to all the interest in Reading’s Gaol inspired by the Artangel ‘Inside’ events, we’re reprinting our version of Oscar Wilde’s Ballad for the third time. Buy your copy here.         –

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The Book of Snow by Robert Seatter (poet)

Interference Effects by Claire Dyer (poet)

Chill Factor by Gill Learner (poet)

Amazing Memories of Childhood, etc by Mairi MacInnes (poet)

Man with Bombe Alaska by Kate Behrens (poet)

The Rilke of Ruth Speirs: New Poems, Duino Elegies, Sonnets to Orpheus, & Others by John Pilling (author, editor) Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

A Murmuration by David Cooke (poet)

The Sound Ladder by Andrew Walton (artist) David Attwooll (poet)

Thomas Hardy: Places and Other Poems by Peter Robinson (poet, editor) Sally Castle (artist, letterer) Thomas Hardy (author)

The Arts of Peace: An Anthology of Poems by Adrian Blamires (poet) Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

Fruit by Terry Cree (poet)

Nothing’s Lost by Ian House (poet)

Scrimshaw by Jean Watkins (poet)

Eleven Rooms by Claire Dyer (poet)

The Point of Inconvenience by A.F. Harrold (poet) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

Recreation Ground by Tom Phillips (poet)

The Beholder by Kate Behrens (poet)

Cloud Camera by Lesley Saunders (poet)

Fair’s Fair by Susan Utting (poet)

A Mutual Friend: Poems for Charles Dickens by Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

The Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde (author) Peter Hay (artist) Peter Stoneley (contributor) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

Cat Jeoffry by Christopher Smart (author) Peter Hay (artist) Tom Woodman (author)

Reading Poetry: An Anthology by Peter Robinson (poet, editor) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

The Agister’s Experiment by Gill Learner (poet)

Flood by A.F. Harrold (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

The Pang Valley by Adrian Blamires (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

Zeus Amoeba by David Greenslade (poet)

Her Leafy Eye by Geoff Carr (images) Lesley Saunders (poet)

The Wall-Menders by Kate Noakes (poet)

Mrs Marvellous by Victoria Pugh (poet)

Sumer is Icumen in by Barbara Morris (author) Phillipa Hardman Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

A Thames Bestiary by Geoff Sawers (author) Peter Hay (artist)

Postcards From The Hedgehog by A.F. Harrold (poet)

Houses Without Walls by Susan Utting (poet)

Winter’s Song by Peter Hay (artist) Pip Hall (artist, letterer) William Shakespeare (author)

Spring Song by Peter Hay (artist) Pip Hall (artist, letterer) William Shakespeare (author)

Hearthstone by Joseph Butler (poet)

Cutting the Quick by Ian House (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

The Effect of Coastal Processes by Adrian Blamires (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

Eggshell: A Decorator’s Notes by John Froy (poet)

Kubla Khan by Peter Hay (artist) Pip Hall (artist, letterer) Samuel Taylor Coleridge (author)

Logic and the Heart by A.F. Harrold (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

Tideway by Jane Draycott (poet) Peter Hay (artist)

The Prawn Season by Paul Bavister (poet)

Each Broken Object by David Greenslade (poet)

The Drunken Boat by Arthur Rimbaud (author) Geoff Sawers (translator) Peter Hay (artist)

Christina the Astonishing by Jane Draycott (poet) Lesley Saunders (poet) Peter Hay (artist)