Botanical_Artistry_CoverBotanical Artistry: Plants, projects and processes by Julia Trickey (author, artist)

Penumbra finalPenumbra by Kate Behrens (poet)

precarious livesPrecarious Lives by Jean Watkins (poet)

Pennies_On_My_Eyes_Cover_260918Pennies on My Eyes Poems by Wilfred Owen by Wilfred Owen (poet)

greenwood treesThe Greenwood Trees: History, Folklore and Virtues of Britain’s Trees by Christina Hart-Davies (author, artist)

handlingHandling by Jack Thacker (poet)

reading abbeyReading Abbey by John Painter (author) Peter Durrant (author)

Sandpaper SeahorsesSandpaper & Seahorses by John Froy (poet)

BayeuxReading’s Bayeux Tapestry by Reading Museum

Coming of AgeA Coming of Age: Celebrating 18 Years of Botanical Painting by The Eden Project Florilegium Society by Ros Franklin (author)

Chosen_Hill_Cover_finalChosen Hill by Sue Leigh (poet)

Nominy_DominyNominy-Dominy by Lesley Saunders (poet, translator)

On magnetismOn Magnetism by Steven Matthews (poet)

Whispers_Cover_finalWhispers of Better Things: Green Belts to National Trust – How the Hill family changed our world by Duncan Mackay (author)

cinema coverPicture Palace to Penny Plunge: Reading Cinemas by David Cliffe (author)

Octopus_Medicine_CoverOctopus Medicine by Becci Louise (poet/artist)

Storms under the Skin front cover finalStorms Under the Skin: Selected Poems, 1927-1954 by Henri Michaux (poet) Jane Draycott (translator)

Shady_CoverThe Shady Side of Town: Reading’s Trees by Adrian Lawson (author) Geoff Sawers (author)

Spencer finalStanley Spencer Poems An Anthology by Carolyn Leder (editor) Jane Draycott (editor) Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

half-the-human-race-front-coverHalf the Human Race: New & Selected Poems by Susan Utting (poet)

red-one-finalReading: The Place of the People of the Red One by Duncan Mackay (author)

seatter-front-cover-visualThe Book of Snow by Robert Seatter (poet)

Interference_Effects_CoverInterference Effects by Claire Dyer (poet)

Veiled Vale front coverThe Veiled Vale by Mike White (author)

Chill Factor front cover finalChill Factor by Gill Learner (poet)

Amazing_Memories_CoverAmazing Memories of Childhood, etc by Mairi MacInnes (poet)

Before_And_After_Cover_13_11Edith Morley Before and After: Reminiscences of a Working Life by Barbara Morris (author) Edith Morley (author)

Man with Bombe Alaska front coverMan with Bombe Alaska by Kate Behrens (poet)

Writing_on-the_Wall_Cover_finalThe Writing on the Wall: An Anthology of Reading’s Latin Inscriptions by Peter Kruschwitz (author)

Wild_Plant_Year_Cover_finalA Wild Plant Year: The History, Folklore and Uses of Britain’s Flora by Christina Hart-Davies (author, artist)

TRP_Rilke_CoverThe Rilke of Ruth Speirs: New Poems, Duino Elegies, Sonnets to Orpheus, & Others by John Pilling (author, editor) Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

cookeA Murmuration by David Cooke (poet)

Caught_on_Camera_CoverCaught on Camera: Reading in the 70s by Terry Allsop (author)

Sound_Ladder_Cover_finalThe Sound Ladder by Andrew Walton (artist) David Attwooll (poet)

plant portraits trickeyPlant Portraits by Post: Post & Go British Flora by Julia Trickey (author, artist)

silchester finalSilchester: Life on the Dig by Jenny Halstead (author, artist) Michael Fulford (author)

Hardy Places front cover finalThomas Hardy: Places and Other Poems by Peter Robinson (poet, editor) Sally Castle (artist, letterer) Thomas Hardy (author)

Allen_Seaby_CoverAllen W. Seaby: Art and Nature by Martin Andrews (artist, author) Robert Gillmor (author, artist)

Owl_and_Pussycat_CoverThe Owl and the Pussycat and the Turtles of Fun by Matt Black (author) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

Arts of peace revised cover 20 MarchThe Arts of Peace: An Anthology of Poems by Adrian Blamires (poet) Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

Reading_Detectives_CoverReading Detectives by Kerry Renshaw (author)

Fox_TalbotFox Talbot & the Reading Establishment by Martin Andrews (artist, author)

Fruit_LOWRESFruit by Terry Cree (poet)

Nothings_Lost_FrontCoverNothing’s Lost by Ian House (poet)

Art_School_Dance_CoverThe Art School Dance A Memoir by John Froy (poet)

Boundary Map – Beating the Bounds by Adam Stout (author) Geoff Sawers (artist)

Cover_Birds_Cover_finalCover Birds by Robert Gillmor (author, artist)

Scrimshaw_CoverScrimshaw by Jean Watkins (poet)

Foreigners drunks & babies Front CoverForeigners, Drunks and Babies: Eleven Stories by Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

Harris_Garden_Cover_finalAn Artist’s Year in the Harris Garden by Jenny Halstead (author, artist)

All Change front coverAll Change at Reading: The railway and the station, 1840 – 2013 by Adam Sowan (author)

Eleven_Rooms_CoverEleven Rooms by Claire Dyer (poet)

The Point of Inconvenience front coverThe Point of Inconvenience by A.F. Harrold (poet) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

Caversham_Court_GardensCaversham Court Gardens: A Heritage Guide by Friends of Caversham Court Gardens (author)

BBB_CoverBikes, Balls & Biscuitmen: Our Sporting Life by Reading Museum Tim Crooks

Newtown Just CoverNewtown: A photographic journey in Reading, 1974 by Terry Allsop (author)

Believing_in_Reading_CoverBelieving in Reading: our places of worship by Adam Sowan (author)

Broad_Street_Chapel_CoverBroad Street Chapel & the Origins of Dissent in Reading, second edition by Geoff Sawers (author)

Recreation_GroundRecreation Ground by Tom Phillips (poet)

Beholder_CoverThe Beholder by Kate Behrens (poet)

Cloud Camera coverCloud Camera by Lesley Saunders (poet, translator)

Fair's Fair cover finalFair’s Fair by Susan Utting (poet)

mutualfriendcoverA Mutual Friend: Poems for Charles Dickens by Peter Robinson (poet, editor)

Biz BarkBizarre Berkshire by Duncan Mackay (author) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

Reading_QuizThe Reading Quiz Book by Adam Sowan (author) Geoff Sawers (artist)

BalladThe Ballad of Reading Gaol by Oscar Wilde (author) Peter Hay (artist) Peter Stoneley (contributor) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

©Two Rivers Press. All rights reservedBirds, Blocks & Stamps: Post & Go Birds of Britain by Robert Gillmor (author, artist)

©Two Rivers Press. All rights reservedCat Jeoffry by Christopher Smart (author) Peter Hay (artist) Tom Woodman (author)

reading-poetry-frontcoverReading Poetry: An Anthology by Peter Robinson (poet, editor) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

Agisters_ExperimentThe Agister’s Experiment by Gill Learner (poet)

English-Nettles-cover-smallEnglish Nettles (signed, limited edition) by Peter Robinson (poet, editor) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

Horseracing_Town-front-smalReading: A Horse-Racing Town by Nigel Sutcliffe (author)

FloodfrontcoverFlood by A.F. Harrold (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

ThePangValleyThe Pang Valley by Adrian Blamires (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

Eat-Wild-cover-smallEat Wild by Duncan Mackay (author) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

ZeusAmoebaZeus Amoeba by David Greenslade (poet)

HerLeafyEyeSmallHer Leafy Eye by Geoff Carr (images) Lesley Saunders (poet, translator)

wallmendersThe Wall-Menders by Kate Noakes (poet)

©Two Rivers Press. All rights reservedDown by the River: the Thames and Kennet in Reading by Gillian Clark (author)

FromtheAbbeytotheOfficeCoverFrom the Abbey to the Office: A Short Introduction to Reading and its Writers by Dennis Butts (author)

MrsMarvellousCoverMrs Marvellous by Victoria Pugh (poet)

muchmalignedfinalA Much-maligned Town: Opinions of Reading 1126 – 2008 by Adam Sowan (editor) Peter Hay (artist)

sumercoverlargeSumer is Icumen in by Barbara Morris (author) Phillipa Hardman Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

BestiarycoverlargeA Thames Bestiary by Geoff Sawers (author) Peter Hay (artist)

hedgehogcoverlargePostcards From The Hedgehog by A.F. Harrold (poet)

markofaffectioncoverA Mark of Affection by Adam Sowan (author) Peter Hay (artist)

Monmouth RebellionThe Monmouth Rebellion and the Bloody Assizes by Geoff Sawers (author)

HousesWithoutWallsCoverHouses Without Walls by Susan Utting (poet)

wintercoverlargeWinter’s Song by Peter Hay (artist) Pip Hall (artist, letterer) William Shakespeare (author)

springcoverlargeSpring Song by Peter Hay (artist) Pip Hall (artist, letterer) William Shakespeare (author)

The Stranger in ReadingThe Stranger in Reading by Adam Sowan (author)

HearthstoneCoverHearthstone by Joseph Butler (poet)

cuttingthequickCutting the Quick by Ian House (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

coastalprocessesThe Effect of Coastal Processes by Adrian Blamires (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

CharmsAgainstJackalsCoverCharms against Jackals by Adam Stout (author) Geoff Sawers (author)

EggshellCoverEggshell: A Decorator’s Notes by John Froy (poet)

kublamediumKubla Khan by Peter Hay (artist) Pip Hall (artist, letterer) Samuel Taylor Coleridge (author)

logicLogic and the Heart by A.F. Harrold (poet) Pip Hall (artist, letterer)

holy_01The Holy Brook by Adam Sowan (author) Peter Hay (artist) Sally Castle (artist, letterer)

island anarchyThe Island of Anarchy by Elizabeth Waterhouse (author) Geoff Sawers (artist)