Broad Street Chapel & the Origins of Dissent in Reading, second edition

The beautiful façade of Broad Street Congregational Chapel, one of the jewels of Reading’s town centre, conceals a fascinating past. The author chronicles the life of the building and its origins, from the Lollards of the 1500s, through puritanism and persecution in the 1600s, respectability in the 1800s and finally, decline in the 1960s.  Now, restored to its former glory and housing a bookshop, few shoppers appreciate the religious significance of the building or know about the people whose livelihoods have centred on it. In this comprehensive and detailed account, the story of the building is told in its entirety, right up to the present day.


About the author:

Born a mile from St George’s Hill, Geoff Sawers moved from there to Bristol, Guildford, Reading, Taunton, Swansea, and then back to Reading again. If you draw the route on a map it looks like a Stealth bomber or a butterfly, but neither was intentional. He has been stung by hornets, kicked by horses and bitten by a mole cricket in pursuit of his art; can identify military aircraft in flight but has never driven a car; loves Black Metal but his favourite sound is silence. He is an artist and poet, and lives with his wife, Dani Hall, and their three small children.

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Broad Street Chapel
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