Botanical illustrations from “A Wild Plant Year” by Christina Hart-Davies on tea towels!

plantlife teatowelsPlantlife, the wild plant conservation charity have reproduced two illustrations from A Wild Plant Year by Christina Hart-Davies as tea towels! Check them out in Plantlife’s online shop.

To buy a copy of A Wild Plant Year: The History, Folklore and Uses of Britain’s Flora click here.



A Wild Plant Year, is  a lavishly illustrated, small-format, picture-led book covering 150-200 common wild flowers and plants, with text giving  botanical information, history and folklore, medicinal or culinary uses.

The book is arranged in a through-the-year format, waymarked by festivals such as Easter, Mothering Sunday, Summer Solstice, Bonfire Night, etc. It follows a rough calendar, illustrating flowers and plants associated with each season and festival. The book has been designed spread by spread and the text is already drafted. The paintings are almost all completed, most of them made directly from life.

It is a sort of commonplace book, an ideal gift; something to dip into when relaxing, rather than a field on the cultural, social, folkloric and medicinal history of British wild plants.  The perfect gift for any nature-lovers, nostalgia-buffs, folklorists and botanical-art-lovers as well as gardeners – though, in fact,  hardly any garden plants are included; it’s all wild plants!