Becci Louise poem shortlisted for the Out-Spoken Poetry Prize 2018

We were thrilled to learn that Becci Louise, whose Octopus Medicine was published by Two Rivers Press last year, made the shortlist for the page poetry category of the 2018 Out-Spoken Poetry Prize with her poem “Her Father’s Roses”. There were over 500 entries, so this is a fantastic achievement!
Octopus_Medicine_CoverBecci Louise writes:

My shortlisted poem, ‘Her Father’s Roses’, is about my grandmother who, when still a young woman and unmarried, was followed home after a dance one night, by a drunk man who, when he failed to catch up with her, tore up the roses in the front garden in his frustration. Although my Nan laughs about this incident now, and finds it particularly funny that her father blamed next door’s cat and threw a bucket of water over the poor creature, I wanted to write about an incident that women of every generation, including my own, can relate to, and which is only just becoming something that is spoken about and shared with the men in our lives, who often have little idea of what it means to walk through the world as woman and to face these kind of threats in everyday life. My poem, along with all the other exceptional pieces, can be found here.

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