3 February – 28 March 2014: Exhibition “26 Words: Exploring the DNA of Language” at University of Reading


Come join us for “26 Words: Exploring the DNA of Language”:  an exhibit of the culminination of a project started in April 2013, when the writers’ group, 26, teamed up with lettercutters, calligraphers and type designers from Letter Exchange to create limited edition art works springing from the letters of the English language.

Members of each group were paired off into 26 partnerships, with each randomly choosing a word to represent by inserting a knife in a dictionary. The result was an extraordinary collection of words: from acidulate to zaffre, via dig, undulate and connected. The list included the familiar and the unfamiliar, the everyday and the exotic, with every word evocative in its own way. Each pair was asked to explore ideas through these single words, their meanings and their visual expressions. And a 27th pair was asked to collaborate to combine all the words into one work.  (For a peek at some of the artwork click here, and for stories of the collaborations between artist and writers click here. “Wave” by Rob Self-Pierson & Sally Castle  is shown above

3 February to 28 March 2014
Department of Typography & Graphic Communication
University of Reading
2 Earley Gate
Reading RG6 7N .

If you miss it in Reading, the exhibit will move on to  Sunderland, Bruges, Snape and Hereford through 2014.